The 700 Billion Dollars Opportunity: Women Investors Unlocking the Female Dollar

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024 | 2:30 PM

The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles

Our CEO and co-founder, Kwanza Jones attended the Milken Institute Global Conference where she was part of a panel that spoke on The $700 Billion Opportunity: Women Investors Unlocking the Female Dollar.

The panel also featured Tonya Allen (President, The McKnight Foundation), Erin Harkless Moore (Managing Director, Investments, Pivotal Ventures), Sallie Krawcheck (CEO and Founder, Ellevest), and Linnea Roberts (Founder and CEO, GingerBread Capital), with Anna Mason (Managing Partner, Ingeborg Investments) as the Moderator.

We are at a time now where the financial position of women is stronger than ever with women controlling most of the consumer spending and standing to inherit a significant portion of the generational wealth transfer.

There is a $700 billion opportunity if banks and other financial service providers do nothing more than provide financial services to women at the same rate they are provided to men. However, the barriers women have historically faced are still there with less than 3% of venture capital flowing to female-led startups, pay inequality to male counterparts and the division of labor women can face at home.

We are at a catalytic moment in time to overcome these barriers as the financial dynamic is ready to shift into the power of women. Where are allocators finding the most success? How can investors accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses?

These questions were addressed during the panel session when the panelists talked about the power of investing in women.

Kwanza Jones also discussed the role of culture and community when investing and how to disarm investors when approaching them for investment opportunities.