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LA Tech Cares: Bridging The Digital Divide For Tomorrow’s Leaders

A Step Towards A More Equitable Future

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”

For Kwanza and José, this is more than just a quote. It’s something they strive to live out each and every day through the Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano Initiative.

They invest with impact. They donate to empower. And, of course, Kwanza’s latest move is no different.

She—together with entrepreneurs and tech game-changers, Brian Lee and Brett Brewer–came together to create a foundation that hopes to change the landscape of LA Education forever.

By founding LA Tech Cares, an organization that’s partnering with LA Alliance’s 28 College-Ready Public School Campuses, Kwanza and the team hope to close the achievement gap that’s been holding students in low-income communities back for far too long.

Nothing is more important to me than catalyzing opportunities for our Black and Latinx youth. In 2020, internet access should be a given for every child regardless of circumstance.

- Kwanza Jones

While many of us have been grappling with our own personal problems this last year, the COVID crisis has laid bare the inequities in our society. This crisis is one that plagues students in low-income communities, and it got Kwanza's attention.

These students could be our future engineers, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, and programmers...but only if they have a great foundational education first.

Help LA Tech Cares Boost Opportunities For LA's Students

If you’ve been looking for a 2020 cause that speaks to you, then look no further. At Jones+Feliciano, we only speak to, invest in, and donate to causes we truly believe in. Trust us when we say that this is definitely one of them.

Providing Wi-Fi hotspots to students who wouldn’t be able to participate in remote learning otherwise is not only timely and impactful, but it also speaks to our organization at its very core. Education. Equity. Empowerment. These are three of our organization’s four pillars that this very mission fulfills. And we couldn’t be prouder to share this extremely important cause with you.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the tools they need to succeed and that is why it is our mission to ensure a more equitable future for all. With your help, that mission can become a reality.

Click here to help give LA Tech Cares a boost to reach its $250k goal so that no child in LA has to go without virtual education this year. One year of school missed equals 365 more ways we’ve failed our lower income and POC communities.

As Kwanza Jones says, “No one succeeds alone.” and that couldn’t be more true right now–especially in times of crisis. We can do a whole lot better...together.

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The Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano Initiative (Jones+Feliciano) is a high-impact philanthropic grantmaking and investment organization that aims to power possibilities for humanity and its future through Education, Entrepreneurship, Equity, and Empowerment.
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