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supercharged summit 2020

SUPERCHARGED Virtual Summit 2020: Connect, Engage, Empower

Investors, educators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists...however you identify yourself, this announcement applies to you.

As part of SUPERCHARGED's ongoing mission to boost the world to be better, together, Kwanza Jones and her team made the decision to stay connected, no matter the distance. Despite the challenges of 2020, she and the SUPERCHARGED® team are moving forward with hosting the most connected SUPERCHARGED Summit yet!

You see...this year marks the third annual SUPERCHARGED Summit—an event where like-minded individuals are welcome to network, socialize, and brainstorm ways to improve themselves, their communities, and the world.

But with social distancing, mask-wearing, and all the other necessities of 2020, what would be the fate of this year’s conference?

A New Virtual Experience

In a time where it's easy to see everything as a challenge, Kwanza and the SUPERCHARGED team saw an opportunity to reconnect, motivate, and inspire.

Instead of shutting the event down, they decided to get it SUPERCHARGED! This year will be far from your typical Summit experience. That’s right, the Summit will be 100% virtual, which means it will be more accessible, more convenient, and more connected than any other Summit before.

As you likely already know, Kwanza and José don't like to make promises they can't keep. But this event is guaranteed to boost you in some way whether it’s through your mood, mindset, motivation, and more.

There will also be opportunities to connect, engage, and stay empowered. And the best part can tune in from wherever YOU feel the most comfortable.

Better You, Better World Blueprint

You might remember that last year Kwanza and José gave a memorable fireside chat on how to build a better world and a better you. The SUPERCHARGED community responded to this dialogue with such enthusiasm that we knew these types of discussions were EXACTLY what the SUPERCHARGED Summit 2020 needed to be made of.

Whether you were able to catch that groundbreaking chat or not, we've got great news. The SUPERCHARGED Summit will feature clips from this and other motivating moments in SUPERCHARGED history because sometimes we have to look back and reflect before we can move forward and empower.

The truth is that no matter what mission you were called to in life no one succeeds alone. And that's just the reason why you owe it to yourself to unwind, reflect, and connect at this year's SUPERCHARGED Summit.

Whether you work every day to better our education system, aid diverse entrepreneurs, close achievement gaps, or empower others, this summit will connect you to the motivation, inspiration, and people you need to achieve that mission more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

See You There!

So please, clear your calendar for November 15, 2020, and visit to register for the most connected SUPERCHARGED Summit to date.

We're positive that you'll walk away from it recharged, refreshed, and more ready than ever to empower yourself, others, and the world.

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The Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano Initiative (Jones•Feliciano) is a high-impact philanthropic grantmaking and investment organization that aims to power possibilities for humanity and its future through Education, Entrepreneurship, Equity, and Empowerment.
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