High Impact Philanthropist Kwanza Jones Donates $15,000 to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Artist and High Impact Philanthropist Kwanza Jones Donates $15,000 to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Artist, entrepreneur, investor, and high-impact philanthropist Kwanza Jones donates $15,000 to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. This donation will provide 60,000 meals for people in need of food assistance.

The announcement was made after Jones’ team of volunteers from the SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones company spent 2 hours packing 3,648 boxes which equates to 58,368 meals. Together with the donation, Kwanza Jones and her team contributed a total of 118,368 meals.

In 2021, Jones also made a $15,000 donation to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help provide more funding for the distribution of meals throughout Los Angeles County. This donation was made after Jones and her team of volunteers from the SUPERCHARGED packed 2,640 boxes.

Jones is the founder and CEO of SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones, a media company that produces inspiring, motivational content coupled with an impact-oriented community. The company’s foundation is built on the fact that no one succeeds alone – sometimes you need a boost.

Jones also co-founded, along with partner José E. Feliciano, the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Initiative (KJJF), the organization behind the $15,000 donation to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. KJJF is a philanthropic grantmaking and impact investment organization that invests in both nonprofits and for-profits while focusing on the areas of education, entrepreneurship, equity, and empowerment. KJJF and affiliates have committed more than $100 million to education initiatives, diverse founders and fund managers. Through KJJF, Jones invests intentionally, but not exclusively, in women and people of color.

In line with Jones’ mission to boost a billion lives, the team spent the entire day at the LA food bank and was able to pack 3,648 boxes, beating their previous record of 2,640 boxes in a single day. “Money is the easy part. Creating a community, making connections, and doing the hard work are the important things that lead to real change,” said Jones.