Kwanza Jones Donates $30,000 Along With The Release Of Her Song And Music Video, “Queen Moves Only, Mother’s Day Mix”

Kwanza Jones Queen Moves Only Mix Music Release

Artist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and multimillion-dollar impact investor Kwanza Jones donates $30,000 along with the release of her new inspiring song and music video titled “Queen Moves Only, Mother’s Day Mix” honoring all women and everyone who identifies as a queen.

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Clearlake, the US buyout group behind the Chelsea bid

financial times kwanza jones

Boehly and Clearlake on Friday agreed to buy English Premier League side Chelsea FC for more than £4.25bn, prevailing in a fiercely contested battle for one of the biggest sports deals ever.

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A New Kind Of GP Stake Deal: Billionaire-Backed Nile Capital Takes Minority Stake In VC Firm Wilshire Lane Capital

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Emerging property technology-focused venture capital firm Wilshire Lane Capital is selling a minority stake to Nile Capital, a firm dedicated to capitalizing diverse-led investment firms. Nile Capital itself is backed by José E. Feliciano and Kwanza Jones through their SUPERCHARGED Initiative.

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